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Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Demographie (DGD) fördert die demografische Forschung und Lehre sowie den Austausch zwischen Wissenschaft und gesellschaftlichen Akteuren. Ziele der DGD sind die Verbreitung demografischen Wissens und die Verbesserung der Handlungsmöglichkeiten im Umgang mit der demografischen Entwicklung.


DGD Annual Meeting 2024 in Hamburg – Online Program/Registration

„Demographic Development in the Nordic Countries and Germany“

General Information about the annual meeting of the DGD from 20.-22.3.2024 at the University of Hamburg can be found here. The final program has been released and the conference is now open for registration (early bird booking (with discount)/free cancallation is available until 20 February 2024, regular registration will close on 11 March 2024).

For the final program please see here and for the registration please login here.

The conference will be held in cooperation with the Demographic Societies of the Nordic Countries.


With support fom the University of Hamburg.

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Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2024 on “Delayed Reproduction: Challenges and Prospects”

The Call for Submissions for the Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2024 on “Delayed Reproduction: Challenges and Prospects” hast just been released. The conference will take place from 21-22 November 2024 in Vienna, Austria. mehr Wittgenstein Centre Conference 2024 on “Delayed Reproduction: Challenges and Prospects”

Bertelsmann Stiftung „Datendialog“

On 15 March the Bertelsmann Stiftung is hosting a “Datendialog” – a collaborative platform where volunteers and data enthusiasts come together to address data-related challenges within the foundation’s projects. The focus of this session is the population forecast in Germany, with a specific emphasis on youth. Before and during the event, participants will have a possibility to engage with demographic data from Stiftung’s wegweiser-kommune.de open data platform and to explore how this data correlates with environmental, sustainability, and economic indicators at the municipal level. It is also a great opportunity to meet other data and subject experts. The agenda and the detailed description are here and here. Applications can be made through CorrelAid, a network organisation of data volunteers following this following this link.

Mapineq Webinar on Improving Accessibility, Harmonisation and Data Linkage in Europe

The Webinar on „Improving Accessibility, Harmonisation and Data Linkage in Europe“ will take place online (via Zoom), on 15 February 2024, 14:00-16:00 CET.  The event is part of the project „Mapping Inequalities through the Life Course (Mapineq). Please note that in the registration form, you will need to select which one of the breakout sessions taking place at the same time you would like to attend.

For registration please see here.